It’s Gratitude October Finale!

Yipee!!! It’s the final episode of “It’s Gratitude October”,it has been a lovely month of showing gratitude to everyone who has been a part of my beautiful life in and out of this blog! 😀

I will like to enjoin us to appreciate or be grateful to someone or everyone who has done something lovely no matter how big,small or negligible it might seem!

Let’s show how much we appreciate people,be it your dad,mum,siblings,friends,cleaner,sweeper,driver,house-help,perhaps a stranger that was just nice to you,let’s not wait till we have to pay our last respect or give a minute silence or organise the most expensive burial ceremony ever!

If we give as much as we do to celebrate funerals to those people while they were alive,most dead people would still be here with us!

See you in November by God’s grace! 😀 Gracias


5 thoughts on “It’s Gratitude October Finale!

  1. Guess I should start the gratitude with you. Thanks a lot, it’s been a wonderful ride with you on this blog this month. Happy to be part of it. More power to your elbow.

  2. I like that you remind us to show gratitude.

    So first I’m grateful to you for that.

    Next I’m grateful for my mum, my sweet. Sister, and my wonderful roomies this year. And all my amazing friends over the years.

    I’m also grateful, that I appear somewhat taller these days 😀

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