Day 2: Docadope

I present Docadope,a lovely writer who has been on a long break,I’m glad he resumed his writing here!


Black, white & grey, with a poor contrast – like shots from a vintage movie – so the scenes from ‘distant’ days seem, not that I have a bad memory, just poor at keeping times that I don’t appreciate, but really there have been a lot of wonderful moments in 2013 that I might overstay my welcome on this platform mentioning all. I’m really thankful to God for always being faithful.

In a summary, this has been a year of a lot of meetings – literally & figuratively. Tying cords of relationships is something I cherish a lot & I really cannot explain how it feels. Firstly, the 809810 crew & record label (awesome, awesome homies), I’d love to meet them over and over again. Then Tolly & Cake (nicknames) make me wonder where they have been all this while (or where I have been). They just have been amazing to say the least. I got new siblings too, feels good to have a reason to smile.
Also, being considered worthy of a space on Perry’s tots is wonderful. Thank you Adepero.

Not so good moments? This is why I don’t keep a diary. They are actually the scenes that have faded & I don’t want to remember. I’ve learnt to give thanks in all things.

In 2014, I hope to be a better writer (not in my head, but on paper) and also read more too. I’d also love to meet more exciting people. More importantly, I want to adhere to my to-do lists. It helps to plan my day. Hopefully, I’ll cut down on my activities and spend time to know myself more & also get closer to my family. Asides, maybe fall in love (if it’s worth it) or continue as the cool single guy that I am. *winks*

I’m actually looking forward to another January because with it comes moments that make me reflect, ponder on the essence of life & give thanks to my creator for the journey so far.


2 thoughts on “Day 2: Docadope

  1. The great DOCADOPE, happy to know you sir. Ladies you’ve heard it from the horses mouth….”Cool single guy” *fanning corn nearby*

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