DAY 10: Sylvia

I present to you Sylvia, today is her birthday, please feel free to wish her a happy birthday!

*music*Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you Sylvia, happy birthday to you!*music* May the good Lord bless and keep you! Enjoy.

Thankful for a successive surgery, for a very loving family, my best friend, awesome friends, supportive colleagues and generally a happy life. Happy moments; I have loads of happy moments! But I’ll share a few! Waking up from that theatre room! It’s weird but I’ve never been happier waking up before!

Another very happy moment was when a patient I attended to previously escaped *I kid you not* *from d ward on clutches*the patient could bearly walk* just to come and say thank you! It was a hilarious day at work and was rather strange but it made me happy to know that someone could go a mile on wobbling legs just to appreciate the work I do.

Not so happy moment! Was missing out on all d fun at Abuja during the Computed Tomography course!

Expectations for 2014: Good health, more money *hehehe*, pursue a lot of stuff I missed this year, furthering my education, being a better person generally. 😀


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