Most Interesting Election I’ve Experienced.

Hello everyone, hope we’ve all been well. Thank God for a peaceful election and Happy Easter to you and yours. 🙂

The last Presidential election in Nigeria was epic! I learnt a few things from the election and I’ll be sharing.

*Whenever God puts you in a position of authority, don’t fulfill your selfish interest. Your actions might hunt you years later.
*Surround yourself with people of high intellectual capacity and influence. People that will tell you the bitter truth when you don’t want to hear it.
*Whatever worth doing at all is what doing excellently well!
*Never give up on your dreams! Never! If you fail the first time, put in more energy the second time, plan better and aim higher.
*There is just a lot that people can take, don’t push them to the wall. You might be surprised they will suddenly realize how powerful they are.

Nigerians are amusing people, in the midst of chaos, they will still find something to laugh about.

This last election, opened my eyes to the fact that my fellow citizens are finally awake from our long slumber.

The collation of result was epic, thanks to my radio and twitter.

Epic moments.


Professor Attahiru Jega’s calmness in the midst of the hullabaloo is unprecedented, with the drama on Tuesday. I think he deserves a Nobel Prize. The only exception is that he’s not on the same time zone with most Nigerians.

The power of social media is laudable, this gave us a voice and united us as a country.

Especially in shunning violence, getting updates and helping centers with technical difficulties.



Nigerians came out enmass to vote, young
and old. Kano’s result was wow!


Did I hear you say relationship goals.

Although other countries expected fight and violence, we did the opposite! There was jubilation on the streets because our votes counted. Shout of Sai Buhari Sai Baba filed the air!!! Broad smile on the faces of the masses, hope alive.


This also served as a reminder that God is still in the business of answering our prayers for Nigeria.


Congratulations to the President-elect of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

Photo Credit: Twitter.


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