Protest Sunday.

Hello everyone, hope we’re all doing well and we’re hopeful that the fuel scarcity will end…I’m not sure hopeful is the right word though. I just want to rant today.

I woke up to discover armed robbers attacked for the fifth time in my school!

I escaped the first one in a miraculous way, thank God for the Holy Spirit, although unfortunately a lot of other students were robbed in night class. We thought we had seen their end, that such will never happen again, until they went round all the study areas in my school.

Unbelievably, doctors were the next. They were robbed on duty.

The most shocking of all was that this time, without fear they attacked the mosque inside school because students read there especially because examination has started.


So to compound the no fuel and no light in the country, my fellow students had to lock down LUTH to say enough is enough.


Interestingly, unlike other times we had pleaded with the school authorities, our actions are already yielding results and exams were postponed.

Can you do this for me…whisper of prayer.*in Asa’s voice*

Pray for the Nigerian health sector, pray for LUTH, pray for protection for CMUL students.


Until next time, have a lovely week ahead. Xoxo


One thought on “Protest Sunday.

  1. Thank God u r safe… Dis is alarming! Ha! 5tyms. May God shield nd keep us. Success in your exams. I go always pray 4 u *in Nosa voice*

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