Merci Beaucoup!

Hello everyone, hope we’re all dandy and enjoying the amazing weather in Nigeria. I’m so excited to post and to tell you all a very big thank you for the birthday wishes, gifts and prayers. 😀 Pre-birthday Spa treatment. Relaxing experience. I was blown away by the avalanche of love shown to me. This is … More Merci Beaucoup!

Giveaway Update.

Hello beautiful people, sure we had a great day. Thank you very much for all your suggestions, they made me laugh. 😀 After receiving various suggestions here and on other social media platforms, I decided to ask questions. The first two responses with the most correct answers get the tickets to the stage play. 1. … More Giveaway Update.

For The Love of God.

             You do not remember why you fell irredeemably in love with her, but you did, and at the start, for the ‘first few years’, it all went fine— beautiful. Then by some wicked twist of ‘faith’ she withdrew into the arcane recesses of religion. She would try to lure you, for a visit at … More For The Love of God.