I Promised… 4

I promised myself not to make any new year resolutions or to set myself a time on when I wanted to implement anything new in my life. Why wait! Act now, write things down. You will be amazed what difference it makes psychologically to see your plans on paper or on a board everyday.  Make sure you do something everyday that gets you a step closer to your final goal. Something tangible and measurable. You will begin to realise that you almost achieved your goals even before the “set time frame” kicks in. In summary, don’t set a time to start doing something, just do it immediately. Take measurable and quantifiable actions towards your goal every single day.”

Riliwan Gbadamosi

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One thought on “I Promised… 4

  1. Short with lots of sense…

    Nothing pays to “achieve ones target before the said time”…

    I remember when I’d finish my 100meter race first position and then I look back and see others joining in past 3-5 seconds..

    That Joy. 🙂

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