25 Random Facts about me.


Today on NaBloPoMo, I’m answering 25 random questions, and in the comments it’s your turn. So get to know me a bit better, and I learn a little more about my readers and your personalities, dreams and funny habits. So I’m asking you to pick 5 of these questions and answer those for yourself in the comments. This should be fun!


What is your English name: My parents didn’t give me any but I say Love or Sparkle.

If you could have a full scholarship to any university what would you choose to study?: Business Administration

What is your favourite drink?: None, but I love Coca-Cola, Berry blast and Nescafe

What is your favourite song at the moment?: I can’t stop listening to Pray for Me by Darey.

What is your favourite food?: None, I forget to eat sometimes but I love Chinese food.

What is the last thing you bought?: Aso ebi. My friend is getting married. Lol

Favourite book of all time?: No Favourite but I love Americanah by Chimamanda Ngozi Adiche, Sefi Atta’s Everything good will come etc. I love African Literature.

Favourite Colour?: No Favourite but I wear blue and black a lot.

Do you have any pets?: No, but I would love to have a dog soon.

Something physical that stands out: My smile and dimple.

Favourite Holiday?: None yet.

Are you married?: No.

Where would your dream holiday be?: Paris

Do you speak any other language?: Yoruba, I can greet in Hausa, a little french which I want to improve on.

How many siblings do you have?: Three

What did you want to be when you were little: An actress. Lol

Whats the most expensive thing you’ve ever broken?: Windscreen of my dad’s car When I was younger.

When was the last time you cried?: In church, two weeks ago.

Favourite Blog?: None, but I like Thoughts of a Medstudent, Sharon Abimbola Salu’s Blog, The Diary of a Young Black woman , April’s blog , Kanayo’s blog

Whats been the best descision you’ve made in your life so far?: To be happy

Are you introvert or extrovert?: Introvert

Have you ever cried at a film?: Yes.

In O’s and X’s which do you normally pick?: X

How tall are you?: 5ft 8

Have you ever given blood?: Yes

PS: This year’s 31Days 31Voices that usually run throughout December is open to everyone. Details here.

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9 thoughts on “25 Random Facts about me.

  1. Hmm…for something physical that stands out about you,I think your smile and dimple should count as one and then your behind as the second. Lool. 😡
    And as for me:
    Height: 5ft 9 1/2
    Siblings: 3
    Ever cried for a movie: Kinda(just watery eyes tho)
    Ever donated blood: Yes
    Last thing I bought: Food 😀

  2. I don’t know my height of :#coversface.
    1. Gabriel
    2. Music
    3. Pepsi, cappuccino, nescafe black, Soya milk ☺
    4. Favorite song…. Not really but I love Mali, tribbett n G. A, MARVIN… 😎
    5. pounded yam, egusi and one kind massive pork 🐷 or crocker fish 🐠. I love pizza 🍕 too. A lot to..
    6. A packet of Lipton this morning.
    7. Naaaaaaaaa… Booookssss…. No fav O.. Maybe if Perry has a book 📖 it would be y Favorite. ☺
    8. Blue n Black. I love grey too..
    9. Yoruba
    10. 3 siblings
    11. Wanted to be a marketer when I was lirl
    12. Can’t remember
    13. The last time daddy beat me. How many years now selv. OK. I remember. This year, anointing catch me and I was crying 😢. Was cool… 😎
    14. Favorite blog is Ermm….. Ermm… Ermm.. What’s the name selv? There is this blog that is called perrystot. That’s my favorite.
    15. To love everyone without Conditions.
    16. I don’t even know if I’m intro or extro or both. 😕
    17. Titanic.

    Not given blood before. Wanna do that soon sha..

  3. My English name is Monica which I picked myself. Fav food is bread and beans. No fav colour, cried during August Rush and am an introextrovert. I like this blog.

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