Growing up, I had minimal contact with the television I can’t remember why. I know a lot of Nigerian old school songs and a few foreign songs which makes me seem like I know nothing about music. Even when I know the song, I wouldn’t know the name of the artist. It’s still like that till now, 90% of my song list are African songs, I just don’t know why because I’ve tried to learn but I get lost because I can’t keep tab of new songs.

Ask me about Dolly Paton, Lucky Dube et any other reggae musician, Fela, Lagbaja and some other singers in this class and I’ll probably know thanks to my Dad.

Nowadays, I hear a lot of rap et al and I’m like


sometimes I wish I knew more songs. Whenever I get to see my sister after a long while, I make sure she sends new songs to me.

Please what can I do to improve my music life? I really do need your suggestions, thanks in anticipation.

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6 thoughts on “Music

  1. Not all musicians sing good 🎶 music. The likes of fela, lagbaja, Asa, lucky dube sing good music. And for Gospel, I know setemi have good collections.

    Music is what soothes your soul and not what hypes you. Remember David played for Saul.
    Music is motivation and not noise… The walls of Jericho fell down flat. 😂..

    I’ll advise to long after good music and not the artists. By the time you get good music 🎶 you’d surely know the artist, is why you know lagbaja et al que vous avez mentionne…..

  2. Well you can listen to the radio more frequently, that’s a good place to start if you want to improve your music life,countdown shows especially. And then try to keep your ears on the ground too,if you hear people talking about a song you can ask about it and get it from them.

    1. Thank you Saga, I’ll have to improve my radio habits. I used to listen to radio a lot until med school happened. I now only listen to inspiration fm on Sundays alone. I’ll improve, I promise. 🙂

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