Our Ship


‘Hi beautiful’, you said
‘Hello’, I replied with a smile
The beginning of our sail
The sail on our ship.

What a friend I found in you!
We smile,
We laugh,
We playfight,
Then hug…

Days went,
Weeks flew,
Months blew,
Years evaporated…

But…just in the blink of an eye
Our ship sank
We couldn’t sail anymore
The shore was far, far, away…

No more smile
No laughter
The fight wasn’t a play either
We couldn’t even stand each other!

I tried to make it work
The harder I tried
The deeper it sank!

I miss the laughs
I miss the jokes
I miss you,
I miss us… 😦

PS: This post is a throwback!

Thanks for reading today, 30 Days Blogging Challenge continues tomorrow.

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