Day 27: Queen Becky Solomon #MyMBBSJourney

“Medical school is really hard” or “The number of years spent in med school is too long”. These were the words I heard in secondary school and honestly no amount of scare could stop me. Before I left secondary school, I could remember one of my lesson teachers then, a 300level med student looking really serious, carrying a hematology textbook around, wearing a pink shirt and a pair of grey trousers, and some round-harry-potter looking frames.

Yep so fast forward to DIPLOMA- the jambite year, October rush, or whatever they called it. It was one of my most interesting years because it was filled with the fear of, “would I be able to make it?” with everyone telling you, that your name is still written in pencil and not in biro(after all the plenty money we paid, smh!), so you’re not really a student of UNILAG, and people coming to your class to try to convince you to buy this book or that book or to join this or that tutorial. And also the fat that we were over 600, that was pretty scary.Well, my friends also made it so much fun (My round Bola, Nnenna, My very annoying roommate-Lanre-my main goons), (Joke, Halima, P Flo) as we always went to the cinemas, and other places we thought were sane. I can also remember my singing buddy, Olisa, and Sanju, my buddy,  especially during TOA lessons.
Well diploma was where I learnt how to hustle, with all the long annoying queues infront of the subdeans office with two very annoying and rude women, and the LORD KNOWS THAT THAT MAN ALSO HAD AN ANNOYING TONGUE, which I wanted to cut-off sometimes. And with all the struggles, I made it to CMUL, yaaaay!

200LEVEL-The Great Anatomy, Physiology and Biochemisty. I thought these courses were huge giantsmehn. And yes another large class in old great hall. I was also really sacred in this class, and I honestly dunno how I came out of it. But oh well I did! Thank God. Well this was a really emotional and adventurous class for me cuz I met new friends, my boyfriend and friends that turned into family, and how can I forget my awesome TRF Family (Gosh! These guys helped me get through it) AND YEAH I GOT A CAR (and everybody thought I was such a rich girl. Lol!). This was the class that I learnt to take public transport, (only once though), and I hated the experience! I did it because of peer pressure.  This was the class that I learnt overnight, drinking energy drinks just like everybody which was really bad for me, giving me serious chest pains, so I had to do without them, but not my beautiful friend Funmi( always taking red bull smh!). But anyways, I learnt how to try to use my time wisely, in terms of reading and all other activities.
I can remember my Group 16 table members, in Anatomy Lab, me, Anthonia and all the other guys (Obinna, Dolapo and co.), with our beautiful cadaver Pa Josh. I remember one day when Dr. Osinubi came and asked us where our Brachial Plexus was, when every other group had found theirs and moved on to the abdomen, we said we couldn’t find it that out cadaver didn’t have it. He just started laughing at us and asking if a witch made it mysteriously disappear. It wasn’t funny at all that day but when I think about it now it’s so hilarious. (I’m still laughing!).  I prepared for exams with these awesome group members!
I remember all the PROBLEM-BASED LEARNING (PBL) and the clinical anatomy classes which I loved (especially for thorax), as all the guys had to pull out their shirts. I can also remember a class where I was used as a specimen for the GLUTEUS (hahaha!), it was so funny, but I got money after (yay!).
Fast forward to the first professional exams, adrenaline pumping, so much fear, which you could smell in the air, but Thank God FOR GRACE. Well the first day of the exam was not funny, because someone came to meet me before the exam, telling me that if I needed help with the exam and needed to cheat I should call him, I got so mad, thinking someone thought I was so dumb I would want to cheat (so foolish!). Well, that day, I mixed up the numbers in theory and I was so scared, that I thought I would fail anatomy, I just started crying after the stupid mistake I made. BUT OH WELL, I SCALED THROUGH, THANK GOD!

300LEVEL- One of the most stressful classes in med school, when you’re dealing with 7 subjects in about 10months, CMUL, THE SCHOOL THAT’S GREAT AT RUSHING STUDENTS SMH! This class had a lot more pressure and a lot of stress and I fell ill in this class a lot of times and I have my A&E stories, thanks to the school stress, because im asthmatic and HbSC, I had quite a number of visitations to the A&E, and I really hated the way I was being treated as a patient I honestly hated it. Well one time I remember when I was in A&E and there was a ward round going on, and the Reg asked me if I was attending Haematology clinic and im like, no, and he says, “when I die, my boyfriend would mourn me with a song or poems for just 2 weeks and everyone would forget about me, Imagine?( COMMUNICATION SKILLS IN MEDICINE, what an Irony! Smh!).well with awesome friends, Lanre(my roomie), Chike(le boo), Ayo, some other awesome friendsand my beautiful mum, I was able to get by. Well I tried being a good patient and going for clinic but it really affected me going to class then, I had to stop cuz I had to think of attendance, because everyone scares you about making 75%. Well one of the most moments in 300level was when I got 29% in my Micro bacteriology incourse (I was so sad, being the person with the least score, mehn I cried my eyes out! Chai!).
I remember the pharmacology labs that I just never understood but I was always on the rats. In this level, I had to do a lot of cramming and pouring. But with all the sleepless nights, especially with the 5 sleepless ones during pros, we scaled through! Thank God!

400LEVEL- This is the level you get to that they say that you can never be thrown out of medschool again, well, not entirely ture. And they lied that it was such a chilling year that you almost didn’t have to go to clinic and all. Yeah so this was the introduction to Clinical skills. This was such an interesting time because we felt like doctors already, trying to clerk, looking at what the House Officers were doing, trying to set line in A&E (the place I hated being a patient).
Well, I hated clerking with every ounce of my being because everytime I presented, I got shouted at or insulted for something I didn’t do right, or something I forgot to ask, well, these were the things I needed to  learn to develop bullet proof vests to the insults. (lol!), like they say, med school is an apprenticeship, so we always followed, either the consultants, or senior registrars around and they always complained that we never asked questions (OH Well!). We didn’t really have to read in this year, but we had to take clinics, surgeries, wards, clerkings and all that clinic stuff seriously because of attendance (fam, that 75% attendance was real), although it wasn’t going to affect this exam, it was going to affect 600level.
I tried my best to be a good student here *smiley face* and I made friends with some HOs and Regs. And how can I forget my Surgery 400level exam, jeez, it was a disaster! I clerked a patient with a fracture, something that should have been easy, but I didn’t know what clerking a fracture entailed, because we never had any trauma or orthopaedic rotation, and trust the examiner to abuse me so well and she give me 49% smh!
AFTER 400LEVEL, I could remember, PROJECT BOND! I remember going to seaschool, which was so much fun! Chai! My BALEWA members were awesome, and were WOBIAs because we always finished the food on our table needing extra food! Lol!

500LEVEL- Well, this was a year that some people considered a waste of time, but I didn’t. I had so much fun this year! Learning about how to properly communicate with people in the community and having such a wonderful experience going into the community itself and learning about the interesting beliefs of people and respecting their opinions but still trying to make them learn the right things and unleearning the wrong things they believe. And yes this was my project year, and I had so many challenges, from the supervisor that abandoned me (DR INEM- The Why Master!), to the topic change, by my sub-supervisor and cluelessness about what I was doing till I got to my fifth chapter. I was really clueless fam! My project was so frustrating at some point in time because my laptop gave me issues, I wasn’t so fast at typing and I wasn’t going to give anyone to type for me or analyse my data. And yeah I had a lot of issues with the stupid Epi Info App. i did every chapter based on what someone else was doing or what everyone was doing, but oh well, I worked on something on Sickle Cell Disease and it ended up being an interesting topic.
Well, the community health part of 500level, was quite interesting, I got to go to Primary Health Care Centre, youth friendly centres which I thought never existed. And I got to be a Group rep for Urban and Rural posting and going into the community was so much fun but being the group rep was so annoying fam! I got to do more work than my mates did. And this was the first time that I had to coordinate my mates, to be in different parts of the postings because there were a lot of activities to do. I can remember one interesting time when I saw the Local Government Chairman, in front of his house, somewhere in Mushin brushing his teeth with Chewing stick around 11am in the morning, during work hours looking like an agbero with his assistant! Such a lackadaisical attitude! And we went to look for this man, earlier in his offica and he wasn’t there, smh! Well in all, 500level, was such an amazing year to remember.
Then we had secondary postings, well, psychiatry was one hell of an interesting posting, with having such an enlightenment on mental illness and how people with mental illness think. Well, the exam wasn’t so easy but thank God I passed. And ophthalmology, I met some awesome people like DrIdowu. I didn’t really enjoy Anaesthesia, because there was strike, so no practical in theatre, but there was this class, with Dr Dada, who was teaching and in the middle of the lecture, he started saying “CLEAVAGE, CLEAVAGE, THIS IS HOW SOME GIRLS WOULD DRESS ANYHOW” (this was because he saw someone’s cleavage in class, and he went on and on, on how some girls dress to tempt boys and how some girls dress shabbily). It was such an annoying way to end class. And how can I forget Prof Desalu, who never allowed anyone enter when she did, no excuses and made everyone in class stand up.
I remember running for class president, after my secondary posting, (well, didn’t know if I was going to win, but I’m glad I ran), thanks to my supporters, like JesuP (Jesufemi), Lanre and some other people. Well I had fun running for the post.
During my 500level community health posting, I was applying for electives in the uk, and it was pretty exhausting and stressful thanks to the way cmul is (no comment!). with all the challenges, I was able to go, and I had so much fun in and out of the hospital, with Dami, Labamba, Moyo, Hannah T and Bukky. I also made some friends, which was really good, and some of the consultants were amazed at the kind of beautiful and refined English I spoke. And my consultants loved me!

600LEVEL- I CALL THIS YEAR THE GROUNDBREAKING YEAR!!!. This was the year to drop every form of distraction, get very serious and pray that things go well. I got to be the class rep and group rep thanks to Ifunanya and OpeOjo, smh! But it was a very fun year in all. My modt interesting postings were Paediatrics and Surgery. In Paeds, I met, DrAkinsete, one of the best consultants who we fell in love with, although I disliked him, because he was really mean at first and he was quite emotional, behaving like a woman, but he turned out to be an awesome consultant and took us out to eat which was awesome. Well, there were a lot of interesting and sad cases because I worked in Haemat and Oncology, and you would honestly think that children don’t deserve to have cancer, or stay so long in the hospital taking chemo, and reacting to it while their mates where in school, outside in the sun playing. Well, if you were emotional you would want to cry, but I don’t really think I am, as you’re taught to show empathy and not sympathy. These were some of the reasons my classmates came together to donate money to this cause (Save A Chemo Kid), and it was such a wonderful experience, working with Nonso, Jesufemi, Toyin, Idowu, Ladi, Yusuf, Ibrahim, Chad and other people that put so much work into making it a success.
O&G was another interesting place with UFM, and Prof Ajayi’s moinmoin on Fridays and also he gave us pounded yam one time (I really love food) and the very annoying Dr……… Well I had fun in O&G although, they didn’t like taking our tutorials because they were always really tired from the caesarean sections they had. Smh!
Surgery wasn’t bad at all, although the fact that we spent jusr six days in every posting was quite annoying and we always had our tutorials, I enjoyed CTSU, with DR Sanni and DR Ojo, they were really very cool. Then DrOgunjimi, who almost killed Adura and I on ward round because we couldn’t really answer any urology question, smh! I really hated the fact that as class rep, I had to continuously call these people because they were really busy, reminding them about their lectures, and our posting was cut short by aweek, so we spent like 7 weeks in Surgery which was really annoying. And we didn’t have like 12 lectures.
One interesting thing about being the class rep in 600level, is that you always had to know the answer if no one knew it, it was quite annoying because I if not all the time had no idea about the answer. Another part I hated is the fact that I had to spend so much credit calling these lecturers (but at least my classmates supported me with 100ngn each per posting), or texting them, and some complained about you calling or texting them, so you always have to go and looking for them, and trust me, they were hardly in their offices. Also, the responsibility of making sure my everyone in my group had a patient to clerk before consultant wardround (I didn’t like this part, because if anyone didn’t clerk, it was on me! So annoying!). I also hated all the radiology postings because, my oh my! They were so disorganized and while everyone read, I ran around trying to put this or that lectures together. The travails of leadership!
Medicine- what can I say, it was the last and most bogous posting, thanks to the amount of lectures we had and the amount of things you had to learn. It was kind of frustrating but one of the people that helped made it easy was mrs olorunda, such a kind-hearted woman and awesome secretary. She was the nicest of them all compared to other departments, doing her work on time and always happy to help you (unlike some others, who seemed lazy and always complained. Smh!). 
All in all I survived the last and final hurdle with these beautiful women, my WOBIA group study members, Adura, Ifunanya, Dolapo, Sylvia, Anthonia and Dami. I love you guys so much, WOBIRINAS (p.s. we always ate while we studied)! And my awesome roommate, my beautiful sister, Olanrewaju George. My friends, that made life worth living, Yinka, Tola, Lola, Funmi, Ayo, Ckseun(le boo & confidant), my salsa buds-uche and co, my TRF fam!! and GOD ALMIGHTY (my awesome dadday, that gave me Grace at every step of the way!!)
I survived!

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3 thoughts on “Day 27: Queen Becky Solomon #MyMBBSJourney

  1. Awww!!! THIS is so interesting.All those funny memories*smiles* This story has made my day .Thanks Becky Solomon.It was nice working with you too♥

  2. Nice write up. Great details. There’s just one thing. I despise that phrase “acts/behaves like a woman” It’s so common and that in it of itself should tell people that women don’t have the monopoly on emotional/stupid behavior. #JustSaying. If a man behaves badly, take him to task for it and leave us out. I’m going to laugh a long time about the witch and the brachial plexus.

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