Day 29: Rusty

Because I love to host Rusty here! 🙂 ************************** “A new year is almost gone Only victors may speak of it” But try I shall That’s a start to a poem I could not complete yet it describes my year perfectly; rushed, beautiful but clearly unfinished.  I am yet to win any of the battles … More Day 29: Rusty

Day 28: Anita Ejiofor

…because social media helps us make new friends, I met Annie 31st Dec after I posted the last article for 31Days 31 Voices. She mentioned me and we’ve being talking for about a year. 🙂 ******************************** 2015 started on a high note for me. Or was going to start… By early December 2014 I was … More Day 28: Anita Ejiofor

Day 26: Eme Stella

She’s all shade of awesometastic! ******************************* How beautiful it is to see the end of another year? Despite all the troubles, pains and confusions, you are here reading this piece. It’s more than enough reason to be thankful. I could write an epistle about how good God has been to me this year but it … More Day 26: Eme Stella

Day 25: Larah Bakare

…because we give others a chance to shine by sharing our stories. ****************************** 2015 a year I thought was going to be different…..     This is my year I said to myself, I was going to become a doctor, no more lectures, no more exams, no more procedures, I was so h‎appy, I had made … More Day 25: Larah Bakare

Day 24: Chimezie

Ex-roomie, constant friend! 🙂 ******************************** We design our lives, in part, by the stories we tell. Especially when we experience changes, and perhaps changes that we didn’t initiate and that initially didn’t feel good, we still get to tell a story about it. So here’s goes my 2015 story… I was greeted 12.01am, January 1st … More Day 24: Chimezie