I Promised… 8

Hello everyone, my name is Adepoju Oluwatosin. Enjoy. Previous years, I have always had new year resolutions that I can’t even remember by the end of the year but this year I changed plans. I decided to break them down into every day in 2015. I planned to live my life daily by setting daily … More I Promised… 8

I Promised… 7

I started this year with a lot of expectations and plans. I wanted what a new year implies….a new beginning. This year so far has not been without its ups and downs but with God on my side, I can say this first half has not been wasted. My first plan was concerning my career. … More I Promised… 7

I Promised… 5

I almost promised… I almost promised to be perfect. I almost promised to totally be a new person; one without flaws or weaknesses. One envied by all and second to none. Every time I get within touching distance of promising, I realized it is a dehumanizing burden. Perfection is reserved for superior beings. Perfection is … More I Promised… 5

I Promised… 4

“I promised myself not to make any new year resolutions or to set myself a time on when I wanted to implement anything new in my life. Why wait! Act now, write things down. You will be amazed what difference it makes psychologically to see your plans on paper or on a board everyday.  Make … More I Promised… 4

I Promised… 3

This will inspire you to achieve what you set out to do in 2015. I had to type while she shared her experience because I know someone needs to read this! 😀 ************************************ At the beginning of this year, I remember my best friend telling me to list out what I wanted to achieve and … More I Promised… 3

I promised… 2

This particularly inspired me. Enjoy. 🙂 **************************** Dear reader, You must have heard it a thousand times already – 6 months gone, 6 months to go – some sort of half time whistle in the 2015 game few people are paying attention to. So I’m not going to bore you by stating the obvious. I’m … More I promised… 2

I promised… 1

Hello everyone, I’m so excited we’re starting this series I hope you learn and enjoy it. ************************** I’m not really one to make New Year resolutions in the sense but I did make plans to get a few things done this year.. ● I planned to help out with as many voluntary projects as I … More I promised… 1

I promised…

Hallo everyone, hope we all had an amazing week, TGIF! 😀 It’s the middle of the year and a time to take stock of our resolutions, hopes and aspirations we made or had in the beginning of the year. The promises we made, how have we been able to keep them, what method or way … More I promised…