Most Interesting Election I’ve Experienced.

Hello everyone, hope we’ve all been well. Thank God for a peaceful election and Happy Easter to you and yours. 🙂 The last Presidential election in Nigeria was epic! I learnt a few things from the election and I’ll be sharing. *Whenever God puts you in a position of authority, don’t fulfill your selfish interest. … More Most Interesting Election I’ve Experienced.


Hello everyone, hope our week was productive and we’re ready to ease off the stress, TGIF. Today I’m sharing one of my previous posts. Enjoy 😀 Click» » Questions….

Èkó Akéte.

It was a cool Tuesday evening of the Orators meet. I was happy to resume from the long break, the meeting proceeded and I was called on during the impromptu session to talk on “Will Nigeria survive if there was a war?” The impromptu session ended and it was time for prepared speeches, the young … More Èkó Akéte.


*Picks mic* I see hardwork, In the old woman that sells agbalumo or boli under the sun, The young boy hawking on the road, running between cars. He had mastered the art he runs faster than the danfo. I see hunger, In the face of the antisocial driver, He had to pay agberos at every … More WHAT DO YOU SEE?


Happy Independence day Nigerians and happy new month! Through the ups and downs we thank God for keeping us. Heard someone recite the Nigerian anthem recited 1st October 1960 and thought to share on this beautiful day. Nigeria we hail thee, Our own dear native land, Though tribe and tongue may differ, In brotherhood we … More Freedom.