My Daily Secret!

Hello people, hope we had a good Monday. 🙂 Tonight I’m sharing about the mail I get daily from Rick Warren that has helped shaped my life. I can’t remember the year I subscribed but I thought to share one of the mails with you today and you could also subscribe and sometimes share a … More My Daily Secret!

How Love & I Met.

Hello everyone, I’m grateful to God for yet another opportunity to post this beautiful morning. Today, I’ll be sharing how love met me where I was. Where do I start… Did I hear you say from the beginning? 🙂 Love has been something that had repeatedly echoed in my heart for quite a while now, … More How Love & I Met.

God, Exams & I

Hello everyone, hope we all had an awesome week. Lately, I learnt a more effective way of praying, that is, using bible verses to pray instead of just praying what you think or feel. We all know the power of words and our declarations, I decided to create my own list of confessions for different … More God, Exams & I


Hello everyone, hope you’ve been doing well. I’m happy for another opportunity share and learn from you. Today I’ll be sharing about Comparison, which like many of us I was guilt of. Comparison according to Free Merriam-Webster Dictionary is defined as the act of suggesting that two or more things are similar or in the … More WHO IS BETTER?


Hello beautiful people, hope we’ve all been doing well. The year 2015 is slipping by quietly, sure we are making the most of our invaluable time! Do not be deceived, I’m not here to promote Asa’s new release but to share my thoughts on something interesting that struck me during my study time, although I … More SATAN BE GONE!