I Made It!

Guys, for the past twenty nine days, I’ve posted daily in the endeavour to explore and see if I could do the 30 days Blogging Challenge with my very busy schedule. I guess I didn’t do badly. Some of my favorite posts: – Why do I write? – 25 random facts about me. – Throwback! … More I Made It!

Ba’ami Part 2

I intentionally didn’t want to post today but I couldn’t, I want to write about Ba’ami… My Ba’ami You’re so hardworking yet so soft. You have no secret nor harbor hatred against any. My Bushman. My shoulder to lean on in need. My listener, I could say “Wait let me finish before you talk.” only … More Ba’ami Part 2

Our Ship

‘Hi beautiful’, you said ‘Hello’, I replied with a smile The beginning of our sail The sail on our ship. What a friend I found in you! We smile, We laugh, We playfight, Then hug… Days went, Weeks flew, Months blew, Years evaporated… But…just in the blink of an eye Our ship sank We couldn’t … More Our Ship

The Crew.

Hello Fellas, hope your day went well. Today I’ll like to share about my crew. I resumed surgery posting last Monday and I was made unit rep by the consultant. It has been a funny experience till now. The diversity of our different personalities makes it all fun even in the very stressful wardrounds, clinic … More The Crew.

My Daily Secret!

Hello people, hope we had a good Monday. 🙂 Tonight I’m sharing about the mail I get daily from Rick Warren that has helped shaped my life. I can’t remember the year I subscribed but I thought to share one of the mails with you today and you could also subscribe and sometimes share a … More My Daily Secret!

Do It!

Hello everyone, I slept off last night and didn’t post so I’m making it up this morning. It’s allowed. 😀 It’s a new week, let’s all go out and make our ideas happen! It’s not enough to have great ideas, we’ve got to make it real and let our story inspire someone. Have a great … More Do It!

Thank you!

Hello everyone, I want to say a big thank you for following the 30 days Blogging Challenge from 1st of November till today, count down 8days to go!!! I love you guys very much.

Today In History.

Hello people, so thinking of what to write today, I decided to do a post throwback to what I wrote this exact day two years ago… The Change That Begins With You! Yes, we all clamour for change and progress in our nation; we complain about almost anything – bad roads, poor electricity supply, bad … More Today In History.

Don’t give up!

Hello, I’ll like to share a beautiful experience I had today. I and my other classmates had been invited to the inaugural lecture of one of our lecturers few weeks ago and my roommate and I planned on attending. However, we both had a hectic day and I took a nap, I woke up and … More Don’t give up!